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Product List
Rubber O Ring
AS 568
BS 1516
DIN 3771
JIS B 2401
ISO 3601-1
Special O-Rings
0 Ring Kit
NBR O Ring Kit
Silicon O Ring Kit
FKM O Ring Kit
Rubber Parts
Rubber Bumper
Rubber Valve Seal
Brake Cup
Rubber Grommets
Rubber Joint
Rubber Bellows
Rubber Caps
Rubber Screws
Rubber Suction Cups
Rubber Bands
Rubber Insulator
Rubber Buffer
Silicone Kitchen Products
FDA Silicon Products
Flange Gasket
Rubber Cushion
Molded Rubber Parts
Rubber Wheel
Silicon Bracelet
Rubber Ball
Rubber Washer
Natural Rubber Washer
Silicone Washer
EPDM Washer
NBR Washer
FKM Washer
Rubber Cord
Hardware Assortment

Forever Rubber & Plastic was formed in 1995 in Eastern China and founded by Yongsi Wu, Originally a wholly owned family business it was first involved in the lighter industry.

In conjunction with the lighter operations, a lucrative business was established with the production of different parts. As rubber & Plastic industry is much simpler and more inexpensive, it's easy to start with.

In 1995, the company focused exclusively on the rubber business, with the securing of material suppliers such as Rohm and Haas, DuPont, JSR. At this point an intensive research and development program was established, to produce Chinese made products, used to service the various industries. This was an export replacement initiative, as most rubber related adhesives and machinery product were imported from Germany, Canada and Malaysia.

The manufacture of this exclusive range of products has lead to significant export sales to countries such as U.K., U.S.A, France, South Africa, Korea, New Zealand, and Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, India and many others. Advanced management system is gradually applied. This ensures a competitive, high quality product can always be supplied.

Today, Rubber & Plastic designs and produces rubber parts such as o-ring, o-ring box, o ring kits, rubber o ring, rubber parts etc...and can make to customer's specification. More than 3,000m², and the continuous extension and update of our systems and elements of control, allow maintaining the commitment acquired with all and each one us of our clients.

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